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Our study continues on how to get the full life of God’s purpose by looking at being “capable” (or equipped). So many people are trying to live day to day when God has more for you! We hope you dig in more as we look at what we have and need to be mobilized in this life for so much more!

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As Christians, we have received freedom, mercy, grace, and purpose! We are adopted into salvation and called to a great mission of telling others of God’s love! Through the sacrifice of Christ, we have victory over death and sin!

So why does it seem that life is as grey for us most of the time like we were still of this world? What does it take to move past the fray, the despair, and the grind?

This week, we are looking at what changes everything and leads us to a life of power and passion by looking at the testimony of Acts 2. If you are tired of this life not being more than surviving at best then dig in with us as we look at all God has for us!

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What are you called to do? What is your purpose? Is is a general calling or is it more defined? How do you find the definition of your life?

This week, we will be starting our “Mobilize” study series by looking at the three callings we have in our lives and how they shape us.

Calling to a Personal Relationship with God
Calling to Our Mission
Calling to Our Personal Role

If you struggle knowing what this life is all about and where you fit in, this would be a great study for you! We all want our lives to be a life of purpose. A life that outlasts our time on this earth.

There are many ways to spend that time but only one that God has specific for you. Enjoy the podcast as explore as we dig in together.

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What does “missional” mean? To some, it’s a term that is slapped on something within church life to make it sound cutting edge. To others, it’s a term used to distinguish themselves from churches they perceive as being social clubs.

In this message, missional living is a challenge and calling as defined in the Word within God’s plan. It’s a way of intentional living in the Christian’s life to make a difference around us and the world abroad.

Pastor Wynand DeWet from One Plus God Ministries shares from his heart, calling, and experience to call us to missional living with a passion I have not experienced in a long time. His family moved to the United States from South Africa five years ago and has a unique view into this life calling.

Take some time and invest into this message. Let your eyes be opened to some new areas of the world we live in. Be challenged to see cultures and struggles outside of our daily life. Get excited that if you have accepted Jesus as Leader and Forgiver in your life, that you are part of a massive and powerful movement of the Holy Spirit in your community and in the global community as a whole.

For more information on One Plus God, please visit OnePlusGod.org

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Week One – We explored taking Christ out of the manger to experience Him for ourselves.

Week Two – We explored taking Christ out of the manger, experiencing Him, and then sharing Him with them world around us.

Now we dive deeper into Mary’s testimony as we look at the dangerous, messy, complex, and merciful full message of Christ coming out of the manger and impacting the world. It’s not quite as “Christmas card” naive as we tend to lean towards all the time. It’s Christ! The loving yet powerful Emmanuel who changes everything!

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To be honest, I can not tell you too much about this one without digging into the whole meat and potatoes. Let’s just say if you have not been following along in the study, this is the one that is the heart of the series. If you have, this is the main truth that brings all of it together. I hope you dig in!

While this study completes our series, it also leads into the beginning of the Christmas season and our focus of “Out of the Manger”. Come celebrate Christmas with us! (www.outofthemanger.com)

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