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Over the next two months, we will be covering important studies to prepare us for the Summer of Service! These will include things like Calling, Being Passionate, Being Equipped, Collaborative (working together and with others) and much more.

This podcast, however, we will be taking a peek ahead as we explore why we are on this track in the first place. This study will be diving into God’s heart for service, the example of service, and the life changing passion that we are called to!

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I am excited! The weather is warming up, the sun has reappeared, and I get to be barefoot more often!

Most of my life, I hated to be without shoes and socks. However, in recent years, I have discovered the joys of being barefoot and today I decided to partake of this minor experiment of freedom! I love the feel of the carpet under my feet, the coolness of the air that bring refreshment to my whole body, and just the sense of enjoyment of not being confined.


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