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Pastor Tom returns from a period of sabbatical to reveal the next season at The Shepherd’s Fellowship. Last year, God led us to focus on the very foundation of the church and each other through the Word. This year, we move to mobilize!

Maybe you have a bad impression of Christians and the church because in your past, it never lived up to the hype.

Maybe you have been a Christian for years and even grew up in church but wondered why the church was not making the difference in the world you felt it should.

Maybe you are on fire for the Lord and either need encouragement as He leads or feel He’s leading you to a new step or level.

Then we hope you jump in to catch the vision of the next couple months as we dive into these and many more areas of being mobilized to live “Beyond Church”!

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About a week ago, I was at the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit at a satellite location. I enjoyed listening to the multiple speakers on issues concerning church leadership.  

The opening speaker was Bill Hybels, the lead pastor at Willow Creek and he spoke on the topic that is also the subject of his new book, Whispers. While I am not big on preaching other people’s series or going through programs, I have decided to use Hybels’ sermon series as a skeleton for a current series. Quite simple, I have been asked a lot lately on this topic and wanted to dive in more.  

Today, we covered what I think is one of the most important parts of this topic. How do I know what I am thinking God might be telling me is God and not just my imagination?  


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