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Hi all,

This one is not as much a blog as it is an invitation….

A sister church of ours from the Smokies made us aware of a group where you can buy tents for people in Haiti that do not have homes. The rainy season started this past weekend and the need is great.

We took this oppurtunity to our church family (again we are small but you can always do your part) and yesturday we took a special collection. They raised $150 towards buying a tent (s)! I know it doesn’t solve the concern for eveyone but it does for one family!

I wanted to make you aware of this oppurtunity (like our sister church made us aware) and give you a chance to get involved too! There are tents as low as $55 and go up from there. You can see the selection by going to http://ahomeinhaiti.org/amazon.html.

What difference might you make if you can.

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