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As we have been working our way through 1 John, we said we were going to focus on three avenues of love we are called to at a great level…

– God’s Love
– Our Struggling Love for the Lord
– Our Struggling Love for One Another

After a strong focus on the first two, John moves us into a deep consideration of what we call love when we say we love one another in the church.

Many have become suspect of the Lord and His Church because of experiences they have had when the promise of love falls short. Many our looking for something deeper than empty words, even when they are spoken with good intentions.

It was never God’s will for us to fall short or to struggle when it comes to love. A matter of fact, John’s first letter addresses this is great detail to lead to real change, real action, and real love.

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There is a video circulating called “Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus”. You can see it here….

As I watched it, I started scrolling through the comments on the You Tube page to see how different people were reacting to it. When I did I noticed two things; how many people were commenting in a quick manner and how many emotional responses there were on all sides. The simple fact is this video represents a much larger discussion that is going on today.

“Religion” is a hot button term. I get it. Some people think it’s judgmental, dead, and evil. Some responses were from people’s hurt, disgust, and boiled up from emotions from their past experiences. Others were confused because you say are a Christian but you say you are not “religious” and find that suspect. Others are angry because they cherish that “Old Time Religion” and don’t understand why we have to water things down. Then there is the uproar of Christians who applaud the message as Christ followers tired of the “religious leaders” hypocrisy and lack of love.


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