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In our last study, we looked at the difference made when you choose heavenly wisdom over earthly wisdom. In this study, James continues this thought by exploring the benefits and promises of choosing to be a friend of God instead of the repercussions of when we choose to be a friend of the world.

These two studies have HUGE implications in the lives of those who are tired of a struggling life that does not offer what consumerism, individuality, self righteousness, and self reliance seem to promise.

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Why does it seem that so many people who claim to be Christians have lives that are stressed out, hypercritical, and look nothing different than most anyone else? They claim to follow Jesus but instead continue in a cycle of actions are not of God and end up in places of regret and bondage.

If you believe in God, believe in Jesus and/or just think God wants you to a good person and that’s it…… this study is for you.

In this study, we will explore the disconnect between faith and actions. We may not be able to fix the world by ourselves but we can make new steps in changing the worlds around us.

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Have you ever been turned off by the “social club” mentality that you see in some churches? Or have you been really bothered by Christians who claim to follow Jesus but act judgmental towards people of different social classes than they are?

As we continue our study through James’ letter, we find that this is a bone of contention to him as well. He has very specific things to say about this sin and it’s not the glib and surface statements you may have heard before.

Join us for a time of being challenged to love like Christ loves and making a difference in the world around us. There is beauty in the messiness of real community and the more we let Christ chip away at our relational comfort zones and prejudices, the more we experience and contribute to that truth.

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