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This is not your normal sermon on homosexuality….

Few topics divide the world and the church like homosexuality. For that matter, few things divide the church like the same topic.

The issues within the GLBT community effect our politics, views, and most of all… personal lives. Many have been hurt, driven to anger or just fall away over past hurts and experiences and the divide deepens.

At The Shepherd’s Fellowship, we believe in 100% love and 100% truth. Can this also apply to the conversation of homosexuality? Be part of our study and see what you find as we dig into a hot button but critical study.

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Here’s a retro blog of mine that got some upset with me. Homosexuality is a tough topic sometimes in the Christian community but a conversation that must be had. If you disagree with me on of these points, first take a breather, pray it through and see if it is you emotions or the Holy Spirit talking to you. That being said, I am more than happy to talk with you more no matter what your thoughts are on the topic.


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