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First, an apology. I received this book for free from Thomas Nelson through booksneeze.com in exchange for an honest review. While most books you have an open amount of time to review, this one was due on 9/7/10. However, I lost the book. Last night, my wonderful wife found it for me and so now here it is, though a little tardy.

This version of the book is a gift book and a decent one at that. The basic concept is digging more into some testimonies concerning the “butterfly effect”. The butterfly effect is the theory that everything affects everything else so the smallest of actions you have multiple outcomes as it affects other things.

In this book, it shares a few stories and then traces how those things affect us even today. It is well researched and inspirational. I wouldn’t run out for a copy for myself but maybe a good gift for someone who is struggling feeling of worth or someone entering a new start in life.


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