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As we continue the study through 1 John, we dive through another helping of John reminding us of the depths of God’s love for us as well and what it means in our lives. There are rights, privileges, and an identity you have (or could have) by being a child of God.

At the same time, there are ways to negate, reject or hinder these as well. What types of choices or actions can keep you from having the fullness of God in your life? These are some of the things we will be reviewing and letting the Spirit move into.

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If you were holding $100 in counterfeit twenties, you probably wouldn’t know it. The best counterfeits look most like the real thing so it would be easy to be tricked until it came time to try to cash it in.

If you had this counterfeit money, wouldn’t you want someone to tell you? Wouldn’t you want schooled in how to spot the fake thing instead of investing in something that would be worthless in the end?

This week, we dive into 1 John 2: 15- 27 to expose counterfeit love and counterfeit versions of Jesus Christ. So many people in our world are investing in false versions of both and without the proper understanding of them, you could be one of them.

Join us and walk out knowing how to spot the fake, how to find the true, and how to live in the fullness of love and relationship with God.

No more substitutes!

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Yesterday, while studying for the message for Sunday, the song “While I’m Waiting” from John Weller came on. This song has been following me for a long time and got me to thinking about the road I have been on for the last year and a half.

See, back in September of 2008, I was at a convention in Nashville for Christian booksellers and they were previewing the movie “Fireproof” for us before it came out in theaters. When I came in, they had already started with different people involved in the project were talking. I found a place just inside the door to stand and listen before trying to find a seat in the 200 person auditorium. Beside me stood a man who stood out to me for no particular reason and I was trying to figure if I knew him or not. About that time, they called him to the stage to perform the one of the songs from the movie, “While I’m Waiting”. I had never heard of John Weller at that point and still don’t know why he stood out to me. (I wrote more about this night on another blog back then which you can find here.)

From that blog, this is how that song hit me that night….


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