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Have you ever found a baby bird that had fallen from it’s nest and tried to nurse it to a healthy life? It’s possible but not easy.

Once the baby bird has lost it’s way, often times the mother bird abandons it to the elements, leaves it unprotected from predators, and suffers it to starve for provision.

It reminds me of a proverb in the Bible. Proverbs is a collection of sayings from King Solomon who had asked God for wisdom which is displayed in these eternal truths.

As I skimmed through Proverbs 27, I came across verse 8 that says….

“Like a bird that strays from it’s nest is a man who strays from his home.”

Often times, people find themselves feeling like they have fallen out of the nest. They are lost, exposed, and hurting with similar feelings to the baby bird fallen to the ground.

As I did a quick study of some of the reasons birds stray from their nest, it struck me that it’s similar of how people stray from home (a life with Christ).

Weather – Storms and unexpected wind currents often times will knock a young bird right out of it’s home in the same way the storms of this life can do to us. A move, job loss, family member passing, addiction and other challenges leave us feeling lost and beaten.

Inexperience – Juvenile birds making their first migration without the lead of a mature bird often times undershoot or overshoot their destinations. Sometimes, we too head boldly on a path without instruction, mentorship, or God’s map to find where He was leading us all along.

Wanderers – Some types of birds have been known to simply be wanderers and undertake destinations that are not within their normal environments. In the same way, we sometimes look for places that are not ours but it just seems the “grass is greener on the other side”. These situations can show up as marital affairs, shortcuts that lead to failure in the work place, or going against God’s ways to obtain something we want in the moment.

Whatever the reason, falling out of the “nest” leaves us feeling just as hungry, lonely, and abandoned as the infant robin alone on the ground. However, the good news is God does not abandon us there like a mama bird does to her young. He is just a whisper away willing to offer you forgiveness, direction and provision when you lean back into Him to find mercy and grace abounds!

In Matthew 23: 37, Jesus refers to himself as a mother hen who longs to gather her chicks (you and me) under her wings (for protection, love, and care) but that often times, we are unwilling.

Will you choose to not “stray” but “stay” with the Lord? Trust me, it’s much better in the nest.

Pastor Tom Hypes

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I remember the first time I heard the word postmodernism. It was about 8 years ago and I was sitting in a deacon meeting at a church I use to be youth pastor at. The church had received a flyer that a guy was going to be speaking on ministry in a postmodern world. One of the deacons asked “What does postmodern mean?” The pastor said he had no clue, made a lame joke to cover, and they chuckled and moved on. Ever since, I have been studying postmodernism and how it affects ministry. Not so much because I was challenged by that moment but because if you want to do ministry at all in this world today, you must understand postmodernism as it plagues our culture with a new challenge of thinking.

So what is postmodernism? One way of explaining it is this… A rejection of the idea that there is a certain truth and that there are multiple ways to understand pretty much anything. In ministry, it usually shows as a person picking and choosing what they like from different religions and philosophies and creating their own understanding. It becomes more a quest for what makes them a better person and makes them feel good more than what is the truth. Then when finding that truth, letting that have the same effect they are trying to control themselves.

Again, that’s one way of explaining it. To be honest it’s quite fluid and hard to pinpoint. If only there was a good metaphor….

Well, I found one. I am a HUGE Lost fan and was very much looking forward to the grand finale. There was a certain level of worry that it would be lame but I think it was one of the best finales of all time. It was very satisfying.

At this point, many different people can have several different theories of what they saw and what it all means. The great part is no one can be wrong either because it was designed to be fluid. People all over the country are talking about their theories today at work, school, and Facebook but there is no right answer. The main thing is everyone at the end were together and going to a happy place. Simply cool! That’s a powerful example of postmodernism. No right answer, just enjoy the experience, and all are happy at the end.

It’s great for a show! It’s wonderful entertainment… However, it can be scary in real life concerning your relationship with God. I still baffle that people think it’s ok to define God and His plan as they see fit. IF there is a God (which of course, I believe there is), then there is a truth about that God. It would then be our quest to learn the truth about that God, not try to define Him as we wish. There can be all different theories of what is going on but unlike Lost, not all are right. There is only one truth.

Anyways, I could keep going but if you have been around my blog long enough, you know the jist. Here’s the main thing, if you want to find the truth about God, dig into the Bible and find it. That’s where the certainty of truth can be found about God. Lost is an awesome TV show….. lost is not a good thing when it comes to your relationship with God….

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