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Did you know that most people who have stepped out of church have not lost faith in God? We have found that a physical move, a change in schedules, or being hurt by Christians or a church before have effected many when it comes to being in Christian community.

At The Shepherd’s Fellowship, we have a huge heart for those outside of church … especially those who have been hurt before. Many of us, including myself can relate due to our past church experiences.

However, we find it’s clear in the Bible that God has created us for community – to work together, encourage each other, enjoy life together, worship together, and help each other. We see that God adopts us into His family and not to be orphans in Christ.

What we have found that if you chase after Biblical community, there is a real beauty in the messiness of true relationships. Many who have not felt comfortable in other types of church communities have found a home at The Shepherd’s Fellowship.

With this in mind, we want to take a moment and invite you to “Back to Church Sunday” on September 18th. Our Sunday morning gathering will start at 10:30am and will include music, a study that’s life applicable,share in some ways to make big impacts in our community, and more! There will also be kid’s ministry going on with TSF Kids for babies – 5th grade for those who wish to plug in.

We don’t expect this invite to serve as enough to give you a feel for who we are and why you should give church with us a chance so please stop by our web-site at www.tsflife.com and learn more about us. If you have any additional questions, touch base with me through our leadership page and I’ll help any way I can. Hoping to see you!

Pastor Tom Hypes
The Shepherd’s Fellowship

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At The Shepherd’s Fellowship, we continue to be in an interesting season as a church and as individuals.

We are reminded that there is more to come!
We celebrate dreams God has placed on our hearts!
Now, we enter into a study on what we need to do to receive the promises!

This week’s study will cover the team work in our church life as well as serve as a foundation of the next few week’s of studies and “Next Step Challenges”.

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In this study, we are digging into one of the most important qualities a person can adopt: Integrity!

If you are…

– dealing with a decision between what is right verses what is a quick fix

– at a point you want to give up doing the right thing because it just gets you treated like crap by others

– a little uncomfortable with how comfortable you have become with fudging things to get ahead

– tired of phonies and hypocrites

… then we hope you will dive into what is a powerful study as we look at the benefits, complexities, and the foundation of integrity living!

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A local church has some new billboards around our town that caught my eye today. It says “Attention Believers: 5 Lies You Should Know About the Bible”. Well, that certainly caught my attention. So when I got back to my office, I pulled up the website to see what all the fuss was about.

What I found causes me some concern. The “5 lies” suggest that most churches are lying to people in some big areas and while I agree that churches have some different views on different things, for the most part…. I find the post very misleading and painting a picture I do not recognize. I normally wouldn’t say anything but as a local pastor, I feel this can be damaging and throw some people off so I feel led to offer a different view-point.

With that said, I will just copy and paste the “lies” and offer some thoughts.

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I get the opportunity to work with and talk to many in the Marion, Ohio area that are struggling with getting food. It’s one of the reasons we support a local food pantry by volunteering and keeping a small food pantry for individual needs at our church. However, in talking with folks, I am finding a challenge for folks that is understandable but is one to find an answer for.

You see, our area is blessed with several food pantries so whenever I talk to someone in need, that resource comes up. However, I am finding many have a kitchen full of non-perishables from the food pantries but can’t get help in one crucial area…. meat. In other words, “Hamburger Helper” without the hamburger.


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The Shepherd’s Fellowship is going to be giving away 100 backpacks full of school supplies to local children who are in financial need on July 24th. This is a great way to show the love of Christ in a practical way and we invite you to help out!

The following is  a list of supplies that we need….

Yellow, #2 pencils
Black and blue pens
Glue or glue sticks
Packs of 24 crayons
Round-tipped scissors
Boxes of tissues
Two-pocket folders

Not included in the above list is bookbags.  We are able to purchase a bulk amount of bookbags through a website for about $4.50/bookbag.

You can purchase these items and drop them off at The Shepherd’s Fellowship or you can donate towards this project at our web-site. Please just mark the donation for School Supplies and we will do the shopping for you or put it towards the books bags!

Thank you for considering being part of this great event!

For more info, contact Josh Kramp at josh@theshepherdsfellowship.org

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Many people are not involved in a Christian community for a multitude of reasons (including lack of belief, tired of hypocritical Christians, have been hurt by a church or a pastor, and so on). This is no different in our little city of Marion, Ohio than it is any place else. I wish I had some kind of magic answer to share with people to show the difference a real Christian community can make in your life but I don’t. I had to find it myself while working through my own issues with my church experiences. I understand the frustration, pain, and challenges many people in this boat feel. However, when I saw the life of the Jesus Christ of the Scriptures, I was convinced there was something more than what I had experienced in my church past. Once I found it, it was worth going through all the beauty and challenges of a real community committed to being real with one another. It is out there. It may be hard to find sometimes but it is out there and worth finding.

In my case, I found it in The Shepherd’s Fellowship, a church several of us started about 5 years ago. Maybe it can be a community for you as well (if not, touch base with us and we’ll help you find another home in the area).  I do know it can be tough to try something new so I thought I’d let you know about some upcoming events and some things we are celebrating that may be of interest to you. In the same way, if you have a question or want to talk some, feel free to contact me by going to our church website and go through the staff page.


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