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Is it just me but is anyone else tired of everyone nailing this guy to the wall?

I am not a big Olympics fan. A matter of fact, if it was on, it meant my wife had the remote. However, I have to say I, like everyone else in the USA got behind this young guy and his dedication to get as far as he did breaking the record. Actually, the only thing I found annoying in it all was the guy who previously held the record whining that the Olympics did not pay his was to be there in case Phelps pulled it off. I guess he wanted one last photo shoot.

So Phelps broke the record, did his country proud, and brought home the golds. Everyone wanted on his band wagon and were flashing the green right and left! What did Phelps do, he took the green and was in every other commercial on every network.  After years of dedication, overnight success, and media attention galore, what is a young man to do?


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