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Obedience is not a popular topic for most. This is especially true for some who have seen the concept used in corrupt ways within church environments to control and to hurt others.

However, James seems to view this topic in a different light. He holds that if we view obedience the way God does, it’s life giving! It’s freedom! It’s foundational!

The world has had enough of “religion” and hypocrites, James agrees. However, he does more than sit back and complain about it. He offers us a handful of three tier plans to fix the problem in the world, in the church, and in ourselves.

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This past Sunday we studied the story of Abraham and Isaac at church as part of our Sunday morning gathering and an interesting pattern emerged. I won’t go into the whole thing to save you time but I did want to share the jist. (If you want to hear the whole thing the online podcast should be up soon on the church web-site.) 

There appears (at least to me) to be a few different levels of following God that Abraham goes through. I believe each one are important in our spiritual walk but at the same time, grow into one another as we mature in our faith. The following are those levels….


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