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As we have been working our way through 1 John, we said we were going to focus on three avenues of love we are called to at a great level…

– God’s Love
– Our Struggling Love for the Lord
– Our Struggling Love for One Another

After a strong focus on the first two, John moves us into a deep consideration of what we call love when we say we love one another in the church.

Many have become suspect of the Lord and His Church because of experiences they have had when the promise of love falls short. Many our looking for something deeper than empty words, even when they are spoken with good intentions.

It was never God’s will for us to fall short or to struggle when it comes to love. A matter of fact, John’s first letter addresses this is great detail to lead to real change, real action, and real love.

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How can you have unity with the rest of the body of Christ when you don’t even feel plugged in anymore?

Maybe you have been out of church for awhile. Maybe you feel like the mistakes you have made are too big for Christians to accept you. Maybe you have been hurt by church, a pastor, or other Christians before.

None the less, you remember what it was like before the disconnect. You remember that once upon a time, there was real community, real love, and real benefit to being in relationships with brothers and sisters in Christ. It just seems hard to get back to…..

Peter understands. We understand. This study is a realistic look at the things that make us feel disconnected and how we can get back the freedom in Christian community we once enjoyed.

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Pastor Tom returns from a two week mission trip in Thailand with plenty to share! This podcast serves as an overview of the trip itself and includes exciting information of what God is doing between The Shepherd’s Fellowship and Bible Church Thailand!mission, missions,

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We launch into the Summer of Service together as we dig into Hebrews and the testimonies of the heroes of the faith! We will explore what what see in their lives that can make a HUGE difference in ours today!

Also, Amanda Sivey kicks off our Summer of Service overview and how you can be part of making a difference in the community around us this summer!

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The last couple months, we have been exploring different areas that empower of within the Great Commission as we mobilize into our callings.

This week’s message (while it serves also as a stand alone message) ushers us into the next steps as we come together. When we work together within the local church body, we work together in the Church as a whole, and partner with help ministries that make a difference in our community…. we start to see what God has started us towards during this season.

Some have moved in directions while some pulled back but either way, dig in for an encouraging yet honest look at moving beyond ourselves into impacting this world…. together.

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