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Sadly, those who need to hear this the most will probably not view it. There’s just something about being stuck in pride that makes us think we are fine, it’s everyone else who is the problem. However, we all need to take a moment from time to time and do a self check.

One of the biggest killers of relationships, opportunities, and church communities is pride. It is far too easy to self justify our personal motives and agendas but be led into brokenness and division.

Jesus lived a life that was humble yet powerful. He was the perfect example of how to keep pride from destroying our lives, fellowship, and ministries. Take some time to dig in as Brent leads us through a time of personal testimony and Scriptural lessons to address this topic that keeps so many in bondage.


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To get us started, let me define what I am talking about when it comes to church pride. There is nothing wrong with loving your church (far from it) but for some, it can get into an area of pride. This is especially true for pastors who can get tunneled vision on their vision. I know because I have struggled with this in the past myself.

This is not just a church leader problem though. I meet many people who seem to worship their church, their traditions, and/or their pastors. Often times, they say things that show their suspicion and concern about any other church than their own.

Then there’s another level where people can be very prideful and cut themselves off from any contact with other churches at all which is a strong problem in the area I live. That might push someone’s buttons but as the guy who owned the Christian bookstore in town and knows many in our area, this is a very true statement.

So some thoughts came to mind as I was doing my study time this morning and read this…..


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I haven’t said much on the whole Gov. Blagojevich thing since I do believe in the presumption of innocence and that anyone can look guilty or innocent depending on how the media wants to paint it. Now that his first trial is over and he was found not guilty on most of the charges but guilty on one, he is back on the interview trail and I’m a little more willing to chat.

This morning, I watched him being interviewed on the Today show and I saw more of the same that I have seen from him before. He appears to be the stereotypical politician with a gift for spin, repeating pre-practiced answers, and ignoring the interviewer’s questions to just spew what ever message he is bent on portraying. At the same time, I realized he was also just a guy who made some mistakes and is dancing so he doesn’t have to accept responsiblity for it. I would have so much more respect for him if he just said “The truth is I made some mistakes and I am sorry. You can get caught up in this game and the junk that happens in politics but when it comes down to it, I only had control over what I did or did not do and I could have done it better.”  Then follow it up with a tangible change in life and make a difference instead of years of being on the defense.


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