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OK , life has been quite serious lately so I have decided to break format and blog about something different; movie sequels. Over the weekend, director Cameron Crowe announced that he would like to do a sequel to “Say Anything” (one of the best films of the 80s). This got me to thinking…. what movies would I like to see sequels done to (if done well) and what would they look like. Here’s my initial thoughts….

Say Anything – I would love to see some more of Lloyd and Diane and where they are now. I think he loves and honors her and that would continue today. However, I think the tides have to turn a little. Always the need to succeed, I think Diane messes up and take Lloyd for granted (they have no kids by the way which leads to her insecurity). He gets hurt and the movie lends to her trying to get him back instead of him trying to get her like in their high school days.

Love angst in the middle age years…..


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