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When we sin against God…. it is not “Oops, I made a mistake”. It’s “I grieved the Holy Spirit, I crucified Christ, and I sinned against God.”

When we do that same old sin again, it’s not “Well, God understands that I need this to blow off some steam”. God understands that that one thing is more important to you than Him.

Sin leads to confession which leads to repentance which leads to grace which leads to freedom….. There is no short cuts….

When we fall int a season of sin, it’s not “Well, Satan almost won but God had the victory in the end.” That language ignores your part.

It’s “Yes, Satan tempted me but I am the one who choose to follow. I sinned for a season but thank God that once I humbled myself, He lifted me back up through His mercy and grace.”

He turns our ashes into beauty! That’s most amazing when we acknowledge the ashes as well as the beauty.

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