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In a day and age where many are sick and tired of “church” as they have known it… it gives new hope when we see Jesus was gets as upset about the same heart and attitudes in the temple in His physical life time.

As we continue the “All In” study series through the gospel of John on the teaching and life of Jesus, we come across a moment where He responds to the temples hyprocirsy, lack of love, and “buisness as usual” attitude in a zealous manner. Join us as we explore why by seeing what the Church is suppose to be verses some of the sickness we have seen around us and in our own lives.

Don’t get us wrong, there’s a lot of beauty in Church as God has designed it but in our humaness, we falter and Jesus is not silent on what we are to be and the beauty and passion when we do go for the “best stuff” as a community.

If “church” has let you down before, come see what possiblities still await you and the choices you can make to have community, purpose, and more!

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Over the next two months, we will be covering important studies to prepare us for the Summer of Service! These will include things like Calling, Being Passionate, Being Equipped, Collaborative (working together and with others) and much more.

This podcast, however, we will be taking a peek ahead as we explore why we are on this track in the first place. This study will be diving into God’s heart for service, the example of service, and the life changing passion that we are called to!

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