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Our next struggle in life (or “cliff”) that tries to steal our joy is dealing with relationships. Many people shared they are struggling in their marriage, parent/ child relationships, singleness, friendships, and other areas when it comes to finding community.

If you find yourself struggling in any of these areas, this study is for you. Paul gives us a great block of advice in Ephesians that we will study to find freedom in our relationships.

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As we come into our last study in our series, we get a chance to respond….

What has the Spirit been putting on your heart lately? What areas does God want you to move in new ways in faith? Is it a time of celebration or struggle? Is a time of struggling with illness or a lingering sin? What are you to do?

Even if you have not been part of this study, you can easily walk into this one as an invitation to meet God where you are today for grace, freedom, and power.


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Our study digs into making decisions in a new way that brings freedom in our lives instead of barely making it through the day. The way we normally do things leads us to decisions that make sense but keep us in the “just surviving” places.

We will look at freedom when it comes to finances, time management, work life, dating, and more in very practical ways.

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Valentine’s Day when I was single never bothered me a ton.

When I was in high school, a girl I was dating dumped me the night before my junior year homecoming. I decided to go anyways (though she was there with a new guy) mostly to show her I was not crushed (though I was).

That night, I danced more than I have ever danced in my life. Why? After twenty minutes into the dance, dates started getting into arguments with each other (drama) and I danced with all the girls who were no longer dancing with their dates. Had a blast!

I think I learned early that not only do you not need a significant other to have a complete life but the reality is, being in a relationship with the wrong person can be a lot more pain than being single and free.

Wait for the right person… if you even want another person. Being in a relationship is not required in life.

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Message One in the Rise Series

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