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OK, with my normal book reviews I have to do the whole legal thing of saying I got this book for free in exchange for a review. Not so this time, I had the get the book all on my own (what’s up with that Mr. Kluck?) and then I decided to do a review.

Kinda Christianity is a tongue in cheek, sarcastic little book that is a play off of Brain Mclaren’s book “A New Kind of Christianity”. If you are looking for a book that debates the points Mr. Mclaren made in his book, this is not it. If you’re looking for a book that digs into the theology of Emergent verses the traditional Christian standard, keep looking (Maybe towards “Why We’re Not Emergent by the same author). If you’re looking for a funny take on the stereotypes with Emergent’s loudest voices that bust through the smoke screen of defenses to deflect from the errors with the Emergent movement….. one that will make you laugh and say “That’s not right….” at the same time….. BINGO! You found it!


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OK, to continue the “Ted Kluck” love fest, I finally got around to watching the 15 minute mini movie “Manna From Heaven”. If you read “Why We’re Not Emergent”, it is mentioned in a footnote and Ted was kind enough to bring one for me when he came to town. It’s is a mocumentary of a praise and worship band (Think SpinalTap but Christian from).

First off, very funny! Second, you may never see it so here’s a list of some of my favorite quotes….

“Scott always hinted he wanted to be my brother in Christ and that was great because we had both kissed dating goodbye (little hand wave)….”

Groupie talking about Scott “I’d court ‘im…..”

Roadie “In a worship off….pbbhhhh….my money’s on Manna. Hands up!”

“I got an offer to produce Carmon’s 43rd album to the tune of 6 figures and I felt God’s call to go ahead and take the money.”

“Laura totally missed a show…I mean service.”

So Ted, if you ever get to reading this, thanks for the DVD brother…..

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ted kluck colorOK, Ted might not be comfortable with my blog title but I think he’ll forgive me anyways.

Last week, I was blessed to be able to host Christian and sports author, Ted Kluck into our little town. I first came across Ted when reading the book he co-authored called “Why We’re Not Emergent by Two Guys Who Should Be” with his friend and pastor, Kevin DeYoung. The book really captured my attention due to my history with and interest with the challenges of the Emergent church. They do a great job of surfing through the multiple authors of the Emergent movement and address many theological issues that need checked and addressed.

From there, I continued to touch base with Ted through his blog, Ted Wins a Blog. His CCM Smackdowns are still the funniest thing I have seen in a long time (a fresh batch are waiting for me when I get some free time)!


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Moody Publishing Author
Ted Kluck is coming to Marion!

Thursday, 8/20/09

Book Signing at The Shepherd’s Nook
316 McMahan Blvd
(Next to Kohl’s in Marion)
3:00pm – 4:30pm

Speaking Engagment at The Shepherd’s Fellowship
1647 Marion-Marysville Road
(State Route 4 just south of Barks Road in Marion)

Both events are FREE.
There will be a love gift offering taken at the speaking engagment


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