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The Bible is the gauge in which we as Christians gauge our life. It is very black and white on many topics that apply to our lives today.

However, what about issues the Bible is not as clear about? How do you find the path to holiness in areas like what entertainment we partake of, political issues, some denominational differences, and the like?

In this study, we dig into the teachings of Paul on this very thought process. We will explore how to find our personal way through topics as well as how to find unity in conversations that begs for division in our worldly selves.

As drinking alcohol (from non-drinkers to social drinkers to those who struggle) is a big topic in many lives, we will be using it as our example of how to make sure our views in all areas are Biblical, honoring to God, and lead to unity and love.

Sound like a conversational minefield? That’s why it’s the perfect focus point for Biblical living.

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Welcome to my babblings on week two of the Bible mini series. I’m a little tardy due to a busy schedule but got to watch this installment in sections and finished it up tonight.

Once again, there is a list of things that don’t match up to the Scripture….

– Samson’s story was pretty hacked up

– He did not tell her his secret of his strength on the first time she asked

– The conversation between Samuel and God on the king issue was for Hollywood and not the full revelation of God’s conversation

– Saul taking the kingship was no where near as diplomatic and courageous as they made it look (more on this later)

– How David was picked was badly represented (more on this later)

– There is no reason to believe David recited Psalm 23 as he faced Goliath though it was interesting from a artist license stand point and is possible

– Conversation between David and Saul did not happen in the cave but from a distance (did you notice David wouldn’t take Saul’s hand? Of course not, Saul didn’t wash his hands after going potty! Lame joke but made me giggle)

– Lousy job of showing the brother hood of Jonathon and David

– David did not dance with Bathsheba when bringing the ark into town

That said, the simple fact is this, “The Bible” is trimmed down to fit a TV schedule like a kid’s Bible story book is trimmed down for kids. My suggestion is this, if you see a story that looks interesting in the movie….look it up in the Bible and get the whole story (If you can’t find it, ask and I’ll help you find it). The series is interesting but lacking. Treat it like a cliff notes version of the Bible. The full story is in the Book and the full story opens up many truths missed in the TV version.


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