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Today is Memorial Day and I am thankful for the men and women who have served and sacrificed for the freedoms and rights that I enjoy today. There are no words or expressions I can give that will fully convey the gratitude you deserve for what they have given. Thank you so much…….

I will suggest to anyone reading this what I suggested to my church family yesterday. I suggest a simple action we can all do that will carry Memorial Day through out the year.

It comes from an experience I had at Bob Evans a month or so ago. My family was eating and I noticed an older couple sitting a table or two away from us. They both seemed tired and a little weary from life as they quietly enjoyed a meal together. I noticed the man was wearing a baseball cap that only one who has served our country or one who sacrificed a love one to a war had a right to wear. It identified him being connected to the Vietnam War.

When they got up to leave, I asked him if he served in Vietnam and he nodded yes. I told him we appreciated his service and sacrifice. His face started to beam. His wife was full of pride. And he simply said “You’re welcome”.

When you see someone with one of these hats, a shirt, or a tattoo that hints of their service, take the risk and ask. More than likely, they served or a family member that they lost did. When they identify who gave of themselves for you, thank them. They deserve it.

Happy Memorial Day……. Blessings!

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