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On this anniversary of one of the worse events in our history, I am reminded of all the lives that were changed in so many ways. So many stories have emerged over the years that have brought tears, comfort, and our admiration of the fallen hereos.

Today, I want to share one of those stories with you. A few years back, a young woman named Yvette Gonzalez came to our church and shared her story. She was in the World Trade Centers when they were attacked. She was kind enough to let us record her talk and it was placed on our church website for any to hear. If you would like to hear her incrediable story and her thoughts on “Where was God when this happened?”, just click here, scroll down till you see “Testimony from Yvette Gonzalez”, and click download or stream to listen.

Prayers for our nation and for those touched in the most personal of ways…….

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