The Star: Love

Do you believe God loves you? Do you believe He suppose to but have a hard time feeling it? Do you think you have made too many mistakes for God to love you? Do you feel somewhere deep inside that He loves everyone else but that you are somehow unlovable?

More people struggle with these questions than they want to admit. For many people, things like guilt, anger, fear, and insecurity keep us from experiencing and sharing the love that we crave the most.

Join us to explore love more deeply than maybe you have before. This will not be a week for easy answers, overused cliches, or judgements from above. This will be a time of exploring testimonies, embracing the truth behind Christmas, and allowing each other to be a little vulnerable to a loving God you may have not experienced before….. or need to experience again.



The Star: Hope

Over two thousand years ago, a star burst through the darkness and signaled the long-awaited, yet still unexpected birth of a Savior. Christmas can still truly give us a taste of the most wonderful time of world history. Jesus—the Messiah, the Savior—came as the light into the darkness and stress and pain of the world—our world.

That world then, just like our world now, including our lives, needs the light to illuminate, clarify, guide, and heal. In this study, we dig into the testimony of the wisemen.

Why were gentiles so interested in the jewish messiah when many jewish believers missing it? Are the wisemen actually three kings? Were they there when Jesus was in the manger? You may be surprised of what we find and what it means in your life when it comes to HOPE as we explore 500 years of history with the wisemen!

Stronger: Finale

What can I say about this week’s study at The Shepherd’s Fellowship?

I can say it’s the wrap up of our series on how to be stronger in the midst of the struggles in this life. I can say it’s the capping of the last 17 months or so of how we can have a meaningful life. I can tell you that even if you missed the other parts of this series, it will still make sense to you so come out anyways.

(You can find the previous studies in both audio and video forms by going to tsflife.com)

I can also say it’s a beginning. It’s a beginning of a new season of community, celebration and freedom for those who choose it. There is no better way to start this than as we come into Thanksgiving and beginning our Advent season leading to Christmas.

Isn’t it about time that you come and be part of something bigger? Something life giving?

As Pastor Tom returns home, we return to our study series on how we can be “Stronger” in our lives when so much seems to try to tear us down. This week, we move into Colossians 3 as we explore what must dwell in us to make us stronger. It might not be what you think it is but it will change everything (if you lean in). This study will include some practical tips on how to study the Bible which can be intimmidating or challanging for many people.


Stronger by Choice

In this study, we rehit some of the highlights of where Paul has led us so far and then go much deeper into what it means to be “in Christ”. When we accept Christ in our lives as Leader and live in the deep truthes of that reality, we find keys that allow us to be “Stronger” as we strive for the meaningful life we have been gifted with!

We pray you can join us as we continue into our study…..


It’s one of my favorite quotes from the movie “The Princess Bride”……”Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something!”

Do you think that life is hard? It certainly can be. Do you ever get the feeling that Christians think it shouldn’t be. That you should have it all together, know all the answers, and if you don’t… somehow there’s a defect in you? While we continue our study on being stronger in Christ, we look at the struggles of this life.

You don’t need to feel guilty for being overwhelmed. You don’t need to feel lessor for not having it all together. Paul struggled. The Colossians struggled. I struggle. The questions are what causes our struggles and what should we be focused on as we go through them so they lead somewhere glourious.

We pray you can join us as we continue into our study…..