My wife sent me a video today that is moving around the internet. In watching it, it was a touching moment from a couple days ago where a little boy asks the pope if his father is in heaven. His father was an atheist but had all four of his kids baptized into the catholic faith.
I have had similar questions posed to me. I find and give comfort in the fact that while someone spent their life rejecting Christ’s gift of salvation and purpose, that we simply do not know if they come to Him before their passing. Like one of the other men on the crosses, I do know that any who cry out to Jesus, even in their final moments find eternity with Him.

However, this is not the answer the pope gave. The short answer was that even if the father never had the “gift of faith”, he did have his son’s baptized which means he was a good dad. He said only God knows who goes to heaven so if this man with a dad’s heart came face to face with God who has a dad’s heart, do you think that God would not let him come into heaven. The crowd yelled “no” and the pope said “Well, there’s your answer.”

My first response was to fact check the video. Here the pope is not speaking in English so I figured someone had added subtitles to make him say something he was not saying. I was saddened to find that this is not the case.

What the pope taught here is simply wrong and dangerous. Why? Because it is contradicts the Bible and if people believe it, they could completely miss heaven and a relationship with Jesus thinking that they are good and that’s what it takes.

Look at what the Bible says…..

“And as he was setting out on his journey, a man ran up and knelt before him and asked him, “Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” And Jesus said to him, “Why do you call me good? No one is good except God alone.” Mark 10: 17-18

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Do you struggle with guilt? Do you wonder if God could ever love you again? Are you growing weary of trying to get ahead and it never seems to work out? Have you given up on church?

We invite you to join us as we dig into what many say is the greatest chapter of the entire Bible together. Certainly, saying one chapter is better than all the others is argumentative but consider Charles G. Truebull’s thoughts when he says….

“The eighth of Romans has become peculiarly precious to me, beginning with “no condemnation,” ending with “no separation,” and in between, “no defeat.” This wondrous chapter sets forth the gospel and plan of salvation; the life of freedom and victory; the hopelessness of the natural man and the righteousness of the born again; the indwelling of Christ and the Holy Spirit; the resurrection of the body and blessed hope of Christ’s return; the working together of all things for our good; every tense of the Christian life, past, present, and future; and the glorious, climactic song of triumph, no separation in time or eternity “from the love of God which is in Jesus Christ our Lord.”


ACT: Power

For thousands of years, God had been working with the world through His law trying to teach mankind the importance of holiness and lead them to Him.

For thirty three years, Jesus lived in the flesh on this earth teaching, loving, and changing many He came into contact with. For 40 days, Jesus spent time on this earth after His resurrection to restore, minister to, and prepare his disciples to usher in the church age. With the law being fulfilled, God was ready to move in a fresh way to bring the world to salvation and freedom!

For ten days, the apostles were in the upper room praying and positioning themselves for the mission Jesus gave them before ascending into Heaven! Now, it is time to LAUNCH! It’s time for POWER!

Many of us have fallen back into the traps of the law, the ways of the world, and an internal church focus. Join us as we lean into the moment the Church began on Pentecost and see what it means to us, our families, our churches, and our world today!

ACT: Position

As we dig back into our study in Acts 1 and 2, we continue our look of what our calling is, how to move forward, and how to see God’s power move through you! Last week, we explored the power and the necessity for foundational prayer. You can see this video study by going to https://youtu.be/_NevfZta8Qg

This week, we move to what it means to step up to the plate and take your POSITION. By looking at one of the least mentioned heroes of our faith in the Bible, we will explore what it means to stand in the gap and make a huge impact in the lives of those around us! We invite you to join us as we dig back into the Bible, catch some vision, and take one giant step forward together!

ACTS: Prayer

We are the Church! We have a Mission! We are called to ACT so that no one ever goes spiritually hungry again! This discovered vision leads us into our next study series.

You’re invited to join us as we go through a three week study on the first two chapters of the Book of Acts (which chronicles the early days of the church after Jesus ascended back into Heaven).

In this week’s study, we will learn the power of prayer, it’s role in our lives, and how it can impact your mission in big, big ways! Many of us struggle with lukewarm prayer lives at best but there’s so much more available to you. This will not be a “if you prayer this little prayer, God will give you a new car and lots of money”. This is digging into the Word to find the truths about talking to God, why He opened the door so we can, and how it leads to a new life beyond anything this world has to offer!


This is the study we have been building to for the last three weeks! We have looked at three key “monsters” (pride, fear, and lust) by reviewing the testimonies of several minor prophets for a reason; they all lead to inaction.

In this study, we will see all three in play in the life of Jonah. Any one of these “monsters” can lead us to bondage and failure yet we need to realize that we struggle with all three. This is also a good study on anger and the bondage it can bring.

Even if you have not joined us for the other three studies, you will be able to follow along as we bravely explore the disaster these monsters bring into our lives and how to have victory over them through Christ!


Dealing with Lust: Hosea

As we continue our study of areas that makes us stumble in living the freedom in Christ, we now come to the struggle of lust. As in all things, Satan moves to twist God’s gifts to lead us to bondage which is what is he does with love by turning it to lust.

(The key example we use as we walk through this is pornography though we also look at other areas of lust as well.)

Lust is not just a sexual desire, it’s a selfish desire that takes control and drives us to painful places. There are seasons where we feel we are hiding or controlling our lusts but sooner or later, if they are not defeated through Christ, they defeat us. They take over. They hurt our loved ones. They separate us from God.

If you struggle with lust, you are not alone. We pray you come out and join us for this important study on the hope, grace and victory we have available to us through Jesus!