Back to Bethany: BTC 2020

On this “Back to Church Sunday” we go “Back to Bethany”!

Bethany was a special place to Jesus full of community, purpose, and love. In many ways, it models what church and Christian community should look like in our lives. However, there came a moment when all that was interrupted with a horrible loss.

In the same way, there are times when something impacts our Christian community and challenges it. Maybe a past church hurt, or other Christians that abuse us, or maybe the impact of an unforeseen pandemic. In this study, we look to see how Jesus handled the situation in His life to find how we can move forward in ours.

The first half of this video, is that study on Bethany. The second half is next steps for TSF in rebuilding community in our own church as the Spirit leads us to navigate the pandemic.


I John 4:7 – 4: 21

When the Bible talks about “love”, do you know what it’s truly saying? Did you know that the original greek had multiple words for love that represented different types of love? When those words are translated into the english word “love”, it can lose some of it’s essence unless if we look deeper.

Join us in this study as we explore “agape” love. John tells us that God manifests Himself through Christians living in agape love. Is it present in your life?


I John 4:1- 6

The Bible has very strong warnings about false teachers and prophets. So, how do you know if someone falls into these warnings?

Are these reserved for strange cults you don’t understand or greasy haired strange teachers on late night TV? Or can some of your favorite teachers, preachers, ministries, or groups fall into this category as well? How do you know? What do you embrace?

In this part of our study in the letters of John, we will look at how we can determine what’s false, what is true, and how to remain above the falsehoods that Satan tries to ensnare us and our families with.


I John 3:11 – 3:24

It is my (Pastor Tom) hope that you have been challenged and encouraged as much as I have during these questions John is bringing to the forefront on being the type of Christ followers we want to be.

This week we continue by going back to what love should look like in our lives. We will be taking a practical and honest look at what love should like in our lives and the difference it should be making.


I John 2:18 – 3:10

John gives us multiple self-tests by bringing up important truths to check when it comes to our walk with Jesus. This week, we will learn what it means to be “antichrists”, how to identify them in our lives (it’s not as easy as you might think), and how to make sure you are not one.


I John 2: 3 – 2: 17

So far in our study, we have talked about knowing, enjoying, and sharing with others about a life with Christ. In this study, John will be giving us self-checks in the one area that undercuts us sharing that life with others….. when we undercut our own witness.

There are three big questions we will be asking ourselves to root out some of the biggest reasons why the world discounts the church and Christians. By wrestling with these concerns honestly, we can identify areas where we can grow in an authentic and real testimony that the world needs to experience.


I John 1:5 – 2:2

Join us as we continue our new study in the letters of John!

John’s letter’s challenge and teaches us in areas of our Christian walk. In this section, we will ask if we are truly walking in Jesus’ light? Do we enjoy fellowship together? Can we identify our own sinfulness? Do we proclaim the light of Jesus Christ?

We will look at the three things the world needs to know to answer these questions in ways that brings freedom in our life!


I John 1: 1-4

Join us for a new study series in the three letters of John that are captured in the New Testament. While John had written five books of the Bible, these are unique from the other two.

The gospel of John was written so that you can know Jesus and so that you may believe He is the Messiah (John 20:31).

Revelation was written to coronate the Savior as he shared the revealed vision of the last days.

These are written to confirm the saints. These three short letters are packed with truths and encouragements for Christians living in a fallen world. Where do we find our joy? What should Christian community look like? How can we grow in following Christ in the midst of chaos, fear and anger?


Last time, we did a character study of one of the men who is a hero of our faith. This week, we will be doing the same…. but with one of the women heroes of our faith! Join us as dig into the life of Hannah, the mother of Samuel!

If you have ever felt a little discarded by the world, like you don’t measure up, or that life is unfair… join us! In this study, we will see what Hannah did to move from the shadows to being one who made a massive difference in her family, community, and impacted a major turning point in the history of God’s plan.


There is a good chance that you might not know a lot about Barnabas as one of the heroes of our faith. However, he was an incredible yet humble leader in the early church who we learn about in the book of Acts. So much so that the apostles called him Barnabas (son of encouragement) instead of his given name, Joseph.

In this character study, we will learn multiple characteristics of the man that if we adopt in our lives, we will grow in being encouragers as well.