King Solomon is know for being the wisest man in history and for good cause. A simple glimpse through the statements and teaching in Proverbs is enough for anyone to see how practical and impactful his teachings are.

However, people often overlook Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament because it comes off heavy, depressing, and hard to swallow but those who look deeper will find truth that if life changing. A realistic gauge that allows us to focus on what matters and be free from many of the things that bring us stress, fear, and a sense of being overwhelmed.

Join us for a great study that will help you define where you energy could be spent to live a life of freedom and purpose!


It is far too easy for us to live like the rest of the world… not sure of our place, striving for financial goals, and living in fear more than faith.

Esther’s testimony reminds us that God positions us for great things for His kingdom but that we need faith to be able to step into them. Join us as we look at the six truths that move us forward into a life of purpose instead of letting Satan lead us to a place of brokeness.


For many, we think of music and dancing when we talk about worship but there is so much more. Worship is an authentic and appropriate response to God and it can change the way you focus you’re entire life.

In this study, we look at God’s favorite tabernacle in the Old Testament to see why He loved it, what made it unique, and how He wants to raise true worship up in our lives to restore this heart again in the church.

If you have been struggling and feeling stressed in life, this would be a good investment to help you recenter on the truth and power of Jesus Christ.


We have all dealt with difficult people that cause challenging situations but did you know, that at times, it can be something quite a bit more sinister hiding behind the scenes?

From crushed marriages, upheaval in the work place, to split churches, there has been an area of spiritual warfare whose goal is to infiltrate, gain support and destroy. Many call it the Jezebel spirit.

In this study, we will start with the Biblical account in which this demonic faction received it’s name and discuss how it plays out today. What are the characteristics of someone under the influence of the Jezebel spirit? How do you spot it? What do you do if you find your self in a situation that you feel might be impacted?

Join us for an in depth study of one of the most vile of the demonic forces and how to confront it in the name of Jesus.

“… are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who have faith and preserve their souls.” Hebrews 10: 39


We move past the children’s book version of the life of Samson to see how a hidden weakness that is unaddressed will always lead to a public downfall. Often times we want to put forward the areas of our lives that others will find impressive but if we ignore the things we try to hide, they have a way of becoming exposed in the worst ways.

Join us in this study on the world’s strongest man who struggled with a huge weakness.


With Pastor Tom on a mission trip, Elder Ginger Holloway steps in to give a powerful study on God’s holiness and what it means to our lives. This is part of our summer challenge series that covers Leviticus through Deuteronomy.


As we do our “Bible in 90 Days” challenge, our studies will explore more deeply a nugget found in the Scripture reading from that week.

In this study, we go deeper into a repeating theme in the reading on God being all about restoration. We go deeper into a season in the life of Jacob where he was acting in fear but once he leaned into God, had his entire family, protection, and provision restored in an awesome way.

If you are in place where you are afraid or acting in “damage control” mode, dig into this study to be reminded of God’s promises, testimonies, and goodness. Doing so leads to confidence in the Lord, moving in faith, and restoring your hope!