Margins: BondServants


As we continue through our “Margins” study series, we pause to look at why and how we should be choosing God’s high bar living. In a single paragraph in the letter to Corinth, Paul give us three key truths to encourage and lift us up.




In our study on the church of Corinth, we find they had a reputation of suing one another for their rights. While Christians may not be filling civil law suites against one another, often times we take each other to the court of public appeals though gossip, discourse, and struggle.

Paul has much to say how we should act when we think we need to fight for our rights verses doing what it takes to hold on to truth and love. Join us as we explore this major road block to the Great Commission and peace in our lives.


In talking with people who have a negative view of church, it often times comes back to the hypocrisy they have seen in churches before….

… An unloving pastor
… A “Christian friend” who stabbed them in the back
… A TV Evangelist caught in scandal
… Their children treated like outsiders
… A place that claims to be Godly but is full of gossip, inaction, and self focus

This is not just a modern trend, this is a problem in the church for generations. Imperfect people do imperfect things. There are actually instructions and examples on how to deal with these situations to stop the hurt and betrayal. The sad part is the church and Christians are not the best of following those parts because they are hard. Well, we are digging into some of these sections and we hope you join us to be part of the solution. It’s always time to address hypocrisy in the church in a way that protects the victims and prayerfully brings unity back by embracing God’s ways together.

There is a large divide between what the Church is called to do verses what we actually do when it comes to taking the gospel in to the world. Our Great Commission … Our Great Commandment…. is to lead others to Jesus, baptize them, and disciple one another. However, most of Christians have not shared the gospel or invited someone to church to hear the gospel more than once in the last year! Join us as we look at being the light in the world, how to do so in our daily lives, and explore new steps! Blessings! tsflife.com

Margins: Unity

As we continue to go through our Margins series, we look at what unity looks like Biblically. Is it just enough for everyone to get along? Is it ok to look for a church that just makes you feel good or has the programs you want? How does putting a pastor on a pedestal disrupt Biblical unity? How do you address tough, hot topics and still be in unity together Biblically?

Dig into 1 Corinthians with us as we look at what Paul has to say to encourage us when it grows to truly being the Church….. the bride of Christ.


Margins: Introduction

Is the Church of today what Jesus, Paul, Peter, and other first century leaders had in mind? How does it match up to what God has created it to be? Has the Church shaped it’s methods to reach the culture with the gospel or has it become a watered down, consumeristic version of itself? Or is it a little bit of both?

We will be studying the book of 1 Corinthians to find how we can grow as Christians and the church to be what God intends. A big part of being able to do this is to make sure we have the proper “margins” in our lives. What does this mean?

This introduction study will explain this as well as describe how God sees His church. We pray you join us and marvel at what God has before you today.


Be Still and Know

After coming back from a mini-sabbatical, Pastor Tom shares the main encouragement that God laid on his heart that can also encourage each of us. If you have been feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, or out of sync, maybe it’s time to “Be Still and Know He is God”.

Join us for this study of Psalm 46 and accepting the invitation of being centered again in God.