LOJ Luke 6 Pt 3

LOJ Luke 6 Part 2

LOJ Luke 5 Part 4

LOJ: Luke 6 Part 1

LOJ: Luke 5 Part 1

Join us as we spend this Advent season looking at what it means to be called to be a disciple of Jesus Christ (and how it plays out in our lives today)! There’s so much more than what “lukewarm” Christianity has to offer!

LOJ Luke 4 Part 2

In this episode, we explore Jesus during the time of his solo synagogue ministry. During this time, he visits His home town which revels some walls they had as well as some walls we deal with today. tsflife.com

LOJ: Luke 4 Part 1

Are you ready for it?

That’s the question that Luke 4 seems to explore with Jesus and His disciples. It also seems to be the question it asking us today? Join us as we explore the three temptations of Jesus in the desert. We will learn what they say about Jesus and what they invite us to explore ourselves.


LOJ: Luke 3 Part 3

LOJ: Luke 3 Part 2

LOJ: Luke 3 Part 1