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I got this last night from home. It’s the first time I have heard my daughter say I love you to me…..

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So I’m traveling right now and thought I’d take a sec and give a brief update (though I will go more in depth later).

My first stop was day in Nashville, my favorite city so far in my travels over my life. I stopped there to spend an evening with a Christian buddy of mine named David. Like others I will discuss on this trip, we had not met before but have known each other for the last couple years on an on-line discussion board of a wide range of people. There you find Christians and Non-Christians, Straight and Gay folks, grace giving and, well, let’s just say, not so grace giving folks. It’s an interest on-line community that I have come to love. I have had the privilege to meet some of the friends from there (my buddies Kevin and Pat) and on this trip, I got to meet two more.


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