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Astrology has been around a long time. A lot longer than seeing them in newspapers, in little books by the cash register, or it had its own web-site. However, the recent trend of seeing it more and more on Facebook got me to thinking about it again and wanted to work it through some on a blog. It won’t be my smoothest writing, just some ramblings.

I know for many, astrology is no more than a little fun. No more threatening than reading your fortune cookie. I get that. For those, they are probably turned off they hear some preacher type trashing on it and getting bent out of shape about every little thing.

At the same time, to many others, astrology is a belief system. In the same way that gambling or drinking can go from casual to a serious addiction that effects your life, astrology can over take someone as they look to a false god for answers about their future. It is not a harmless as what some think.


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