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Yesterday I had the privilege of baptizing 5 people. Baptism is a outward sign after someone has decided to accept Jesus Christ as Leader and Forgiver in their lives. It represents the inward cleansing of the soul from sin through the mercy gift of Christ. It also represents sharing in the death and resurrection of Christ. I know to many looking in from the outside, it might just seem like dunking someone in a pond but it is a profound and touching experience and I never take my role for granted.

Our baptism services tend to be casual  in style though. There is almost always some joking about the temperature of the water, someone slipping a little coming in the pond, and the sound is never good enough so most of those watching can’t hear most of what’s going on. I wondered at one point if some might think we were irreverent in some of our style. Was there something I should be doing it to make it more like what I saw growing up?


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I remember the first time I heard the word postmodernism. It was about 8 years ago and I was sitting in a deacon meeting at a church I use to be youth pastor at. The church had received a flyer that a guy was going to be speaking on ministry in a postmodern world. One of the deacons asked “What does postmodern mean?” The pastor said he had no clue, made a lame joke to cover, and they chuckled and moved on. Ever since, I have been studying postmodernism and how it affects ministry. Not so much because I was challenged by that moment but because if you want to do ministry at all in this world today, you must understand postmodernism as it plagues our culture with a new challenge of thinking.

So what is postmodernism? One way of explaining it is this… A rejection of the idea that there is a certain truth and that there are multiple ways to understand pretty much anything. In ministry, it usually shows as a person picking and choosing what they like from different religions and philosophies and creating their own understanding. It becomes more a quest for what makes them a better person and makes them feel good more than what is the truth. Then when finding that truth, letting that have the same effect they are trying to control themselves.

Again, that’s one way of explaining it. To be honest it’s quite fluid and hard to pinpoint. If only there was a good metaphor….

Well, I found one. I am a HUGE Lost fan and was very much looking forward to the grand finale. There was a certain level of worry that it would be lame but I think it was one of the best finales of all time. It was very satisfying.

At this point, many different people can have several different theories of what they saw and what it all means. The great part is no one can be wrong either because it was designed to be fluid. People all over the country are talking about their theories today at work, school, and Facebook but there is no right answer. The main thing is everyone at the end were together and going to a happy place. Simply cool! That’s a powerful example of postmodernism. No right answer, just enjoy the experience, and all are happy at the end.

It’s great for a show! It’s wonderful entertainment… However, it can be scary in real life concerning your relationship with God. I still baffle that people think it’s ok to define God and His plan as they see fit. IF there is a God (which of course, I believe there is), then there is a truth about that God. It would then be our quest to learn the truth about that God, not try to define Him as we wish. There can be all different theories of what is going on but unlike Lost, not all are right. There is only one truth.

Anyways, I could keep going but if you have been around my blog long enough, you know the jist. Here’s the main thing, if you want to find the truth about God, dig into the Bible and find it. That’s where the certainty of truth can be found about God. Lost is an awesome TV show….. lost is not a good thing when it comes to your relationship with God….

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