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Emily is our four year old daughter and she tends to say some pretty funny things… sometimes on purpose, sometimes not. These are a few of my favorite ones over VBS the last couple days.

As part of our VBS, there are different scenes of interactive dramas the kids come to. I was playing the part of Brutus, a roman guard chained to Paul who was under house arrest. Paul liked to asked the kids questions.

Paul: “Your parents like to give you gifts sometimes. What kind of gifts do your parents give you?”

Emily: “A doghouse”


Another day….

Paul: “Where do your parents take you guys on trips?”

Emily: “My mommy and daddy take me to jail.”


The third one was at home today before we went to the church. My wife, Jenni was in charge of putting VBS together and has been working hard on it almost nightly the last couple weeks. I wanted to make sure Emily got the connection that while mommy has been doing extra work lately, that it was so Emily could enjoy and learn from VBS. As we got done talking about it, I told Emily she should go tell mommy thank you for VBS.

Emily walked over to Jenni, got her attention, and said “Mommy, I want to thank you for all the BS.”

These are the memories of a lifetime……

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