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My wife and I are the blessed parents of two wonderful children. My 19-year-old son is a young man of integrity and our 5-year-old daughter is a bundle of energy. Both are great sources of pride, joy and love. Both are also miracles. Let me explain.

I remember the day well that I got the phone call from my physician with the news I dreaded to hear; I was not able to have biological children. Only those who go through infertility understand the pain, loss and unfounded shame that plague you in that moment. While I was blessed with my son already at that point, there is still a loss for your future children.

At this point, someone is thinking “Wait! How can you have a son if you can’t have biological children?” You guessed it … adoption. I met my son when he was 7 months old and have enjoyed a father/son relationship with him ever since.


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