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Our final study of the “Next Step Challenges” is here! If you have missed it, we have been letting the Holy Spirit through the Bible as we move forward in new ways as we follow God!

In this podcast, we will talk about being people and being a local body church that impacts our home towns, people who are different than us culturally, our country, and the world through service and the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

It’s not enough for a church or Christians to find our comfortable zone and then hide from the world. We are called to love and make a difference! I’m so thrilled that the Fellowshipers get this but are also willing to be grow in this heart cry.

I am very excited about some special guests who have agreed to be a part of the message as they share their hearts and experiences in these areas! Thank you to Randy Dawson, Dalton Williams, and Katie Williams.

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Valentine’s Day when I was single never bothered me a ton.

When I was in high school, a girl I was dating dumped me the night before my junior year homecoming. I decided to go anyways (though she was there with a new guy) mostly to show her I was not crushed (though I was).

That night, I danced more than I have ever danced in my life. Why? After twenty minutes into the dance, dates started getting into arguments with each other (drama) and I danced with all the girls who were no longer dancing with their dates. Had a blast!

I think I learned early that not only do you not need a significant other to have a complete life but the reality is, being in a relationship with the wrong person can be a lot more pain than being single and free.

Wait for the right person… if you even want another person. Being in a relationship is not required in life.

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A couple thoughts on “50 shades” for Christians as the movie gets ready to premiere….

– Yahoo news reports that 1/5 of the film is sex

– An article from the UK news, talks about pornography not being the issue but sexual education. The pornography that use as their example is the 50 Shades of Gray movie.

– A secular post I read from someone praising “50 Shades” for bringing female sexuality to the fore font, called it porn or pornography at least 4 times. Again, not a blog complaining about it but a female, secular professional praising it.

– Some Christians who are trying to justify liking it and seeing it are deflecting by saying why is wrong for women to have sexual movies but men can and no one says anything. The truth is sexual movies are not ok for either gender.

– Some Christians who are trying to justify liking it and seeing it are deflecting by saying the Bible does not say the type of sex in the movie is wrong in a happy, marriage relationship. First, i take a tad bit of issue on that but that’s for another day. Even if you were correct in the statement, the characters in the movie are not married. Even if they were, that still doesn’t make watching it ok.

If any married couple put out a sex tape, it doesn’t make it any less wrong that you watch it just because they were married. There is no upside to this line of thinking.

– Some call it a love story because in the end she saves him from himself and being off track. If you are a Christian, you know the love of Christ that reflects in our lives and this simply is not it.

So, does that mean if you are a Christian and go see this, I will look down on you as a pastor? Not at all. It does mean as a brother, I pray for better for you and your intimacy understanding and I love you either way.

Again, random thoughts to consider….

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

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TNSC: Spiritual Depth

As we continue letting the Holy Spirit move in the areas of the 5 prayers God is growing us in at The Shepherd’s Fellowship, we get to one study that we are very excited about! This one is very foundational to not only the prayers but the personal relationship and life freedom of each person with Christ!

After we come to know Jesus as Leader and Forgiver, we are invited to grow and mature in the life we were created for! It is our very desire to go deeper, live passionately, and enjoy the benefits of being a child of God!

However, often times, we find ourselves struggling. The daily challenges steal from our joy and leads us to places God never intended for us. We feel disconnected, stressed, and afraid more than victorious.

In this podcast, we not only digging into the key Biblical steps to move forward in new way, we address the common challenges that try to rob us from that goal.

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As we move to the second of the five prayers, we dig into the Word to see how God provides for the ministry He calls the Church to.

As we pray for God to grow us and our impact, this means a need for His provision in finances, volunteers, and other resources. While many have seen bad sermons with churches laying out guilt trips in the past … our goal is to dig into the Word, let the Spirit move, and lead us to see how we can play a part in faithfulness to be part of testimonies that bring glory to God’s name!

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