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Titus 1

This week we will be starting a new Bible study through the book of Titus. This is a shorter book of the Bible and we are looking forward to the next three weeks of covering it together.

This is a letter written from an apostle named Paul to a man named Titus who was left in the city of Crete to grow and lay the foundation for the new church. While it’s considered one of the “pastoral letters”, it has a great deal of everyday life lessons for us.

This week we will be looking at the difference between one who follows Christ and one who just says they do. All of us have met someone who comes off like a hypocrite and heard stories of the pain and confusion they cause. Of course, the real challenge is we can sometimes fall into that role ourselves.

How do we do a self test to make sure we are not missing the boat? What should the goal of Christian living that we are growing towards look like? Where does the change come from? The answers are not as “glib” as some may think.

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