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What is baptism? Do you need to get baptism? What about infant baptism? Why and when should you consider baptism?

God has blessed us with many passionate, symbolic sacraments to share with us and others the power of His love and truth. One of these is the sacrament of water baptism.

In this podcast, we will explore the history and importance of baptism. We will be answering some of the most awkward questions and marveling at the beauty of a merciful and mindful God through this action.

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As we come into our last study in our series, we get a chance to respond….

What has the Spirit been putting on your heart lately? What areas does God want you to move in new ways in faith? Is it a time of celebration or struggle? Is a time of struggling with illness or a lingering sin? What are you to do?

Even if you have not been part of this study, you can easily walk into this one as an invitation to meet God where you are today for grace, freedom, and power.


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Every week, there seems to be a new hot button topic that polarizes people and gets the internet town square to buzzing. The style of some is to post their thoughts quickly to be on the cutting edge of those topics but I generally do not. There are two reasons for this. First, I find that my opinion means little most of the time to the real issue at hand. Second, I like to find out more details before I form much of a view on anything. While more information could come out that changes my view on this, I feel for the most part that I have enough to share to anyone bored enough to read.


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While part of the series on the letter of James, this also serves as part three of a trilogy on moving from the world’s way of living to victory in the ways of God.

While many know the pain of putting their hope in money, relationships, and the like; James moves us forward into practical ways to have a stronger foundation of freedom. A little bit of a mental shift mixed with a faith step or two can make all the difference as we will see in the life of one of the heroes of our faith, Job.

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