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Moving to Meaningful

As we move from the “I Want More” season to a new season of having the “Meaningful” life, we explore a very uncomfortable dinner party that Jesus attended. As he took the religious leaders of his day to task due to their hypocrisy, we can also be challenged that we don’t fall into the same traps they did.

We invite you to join us as we take our first step into this new conversation.

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Joy: Philippians 4b

Have you ever watched a movie about someone who did something great with their life that touched your heart? Mr. Holland’s Opus? Schindler’s List? Saving Private Ryan?

It’s in all of us that we want to do something great with our time in this world. However, one of the greatest “joy stealers” in this world is when it seems like we will never get there. Many of us have submitted to a feeling of “getting by” with only movies like these awakening that desire in us for a brief moment.

As we dive into the second part of Philippians 4, we awaken the dream, see it lived out in testimonies of ordinary people, and learn how we can have that dream become a reality in our lives as soon as today!

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