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The summer is a great time for fun, sports, and travel but at The Shepherd’s Fellowship, we want it to mean much more!

In this podcast, we unleash the complete plan of what the Summer Challenge is! While a large portion of our focus is the “Bible in 90 Days” project, there is more to be revealed!

After 13 months of study on havign a meaningful life, join us as we take a HUGE step together to putting the teaching to action in a way that dials discipleship up to 11!

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What do you do when someone you love is falling back into a pattern of sin?

How do you handle it when you find out someone has been gossiping about you?

How do you act with someone who left your church in a hurtful way?

All of these questions have to do with church discipline. In this study, we explore why church discipline is critical, what it’s goals should be, and the freedom it can lead to. It’s not an easy topic. Actually, it’s one many would like to avoid (which we also explore) but when we ignore church discipline, it leaves a trail of pain and hurt behind that push many away from church all together.

We invite you to take a fresh look at church discipline and what your part is in the process (Hint: It’s not just the pastor’s job).

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In this study, we explore how the Bible came to be. (Spoiler Alert: It has nothing to do with the Council of Nicea).

As we do, we find that God goes through incredible lengths to give us His Word, protect His Word, and speak to us through His Word. We look at the validation of the Scripture and how we know it’s the Word of God.

This also serves as the set up for our 2017 Summer Challenge at The Shepherd’s Fellowship (see that video on our church Youtube page).

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For Mother’s Day, we did a study on two of many women of faith and what we can learn about them if we want to be people of influence in the lives of others (including our children).

We also found a reason why we can all celebrate on Mother’s Day even if we did not have positive moms, made some mistakes ourselves, are dealign with infertility, or have experienced the loss of a parent.


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