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ACTS: Prayer

We are the Church! We have a Mission! We are called to ACT so that no one ever goes spiritually hungry again! This discovered vision leads us into our next study series.

You’re invited to join us as we go through a three week study on the first two chapters of the Book of Acts (which chronicles the early days of the church after Jesus ascended back into Heaven).

In this week’s study, we will learn the power of prayer, it’s role in our lives, and how it can impact your mission in big, big ways! Many of us struggle with lukewarm prayer lives at best but there’s so much more available to you. This will not be a “if you prayer this little prayer, God will give you a new car and lots of money”. This is digging into the Word to find the truths about talking to God, why He opened the door so we can, and how it leads to a new life beyond anything this world has to offer!


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