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When Jesus was speaking about John the Baptist, He said “I tell you, among those born of women none is greater than John.” (Luke 7:28)

What made John the Baptist so special? Is it simply some extra blessing that God put upon on Him or is it a life that you and I can choose ourselves today? Could it be possible that his choices and outlook are something we can adopt that can lead us to a greater way of living full of purpose and passion?

As we enter week two of our study in the gospel of John, we explore these questions as well as learn more about Jesus Himself …. the LIGHT and LIFE we desire.

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What is baptism? Do you need to get baptism? What about infant baptism? Why and when should you consider baptism?

God has blessed us with many passionate, symbolic sacraments to share with us and others the power of His love and truth. One of these is the sacrament of water baptism.

In this podcast, we will explore the history and importance of baptism. We will be answering some of the most awkward questions and marveling at the beauty of a merciful and mindful God through this action.

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The final study in the series….

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The third in the Great Omission Series….



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Yesterday I had the privilege of baptizing 5 people. Baptism is a outward sign after someone has decided to accept Jesus Christ as Leader and Forgiver in their lives. It represents the inward cleansing of the soul from sin through the mercy gift of Christ. It also represents sharing in the death and resurrection of Christ. I know to many looking in from the outside, it might just seem like dunking someone in a pond but it is a profound and touching experience and I never take my role for granted.

Our baptism services tend to be casual  in style though. There is almost always some joking about the temperature of the water, someone slipping a little coming in the pond, and the sound is never good enough so most of those watching can’t hear most of what’s going on. I wondered at one point if some might think we were irreverent in some of our style. Was there something I should be doing it to make it more like what I saw growing up?


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