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Second in the Therefore series….

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This past weekend, I was humbled to be asked by the leadership of the Church of the Cove in our favorite town of Townsend, TN to preach at it’s two services. On most weekends, it would be close to impossible to be able to go with short notice but God made it happen through the awesome acts of others. On the way home, I started to make a list in my head of all the blessings that came together to be able to go this past weekend (as well as a few extras for good measure).

– The elders of the Church of the Cove being kind enough to invite me
– My wife being quick to being open to the trip and sharing it with me
– My wife is currently using vacation days to take Mondays off which gave us freedom to go
– A massive outreach event we had planned for last saturday was moved a few weeks ago that would have kept me home
– Amber just came home from a three-week trip and was able to play bass in my place at a concert we were doing in Marion on Saturday
– Katie agreed to share a message on Sunday at The Shepherd’s Fellowship even though she was getting ready for the fair which is a HUGE time consumer for her family
– The elders from The Shepherd’s Fellowship being on the same page as me to minister to a sister church
– Well wishes and prayers from people here at home
– A couple from the Church of the Cove let us stay in one of their cabins for free
– Prayer over me by those at the church
– Kind, kind words by those who were there
– A family from the church bought our lunch without our knowledge until after they left the restaurant
– An offer from one local business owner for a day of horse riding and zip line usage (which we weren’t able to do but appreciated)
– Another offer to join a family for lunch at Subway that we weren’t able to do
– Able to be at the renewing of vows of a couple we care about and are still praying for
– Getting to see several friends who I usually have to settle for Facebook contact with
– and to top it all off, God let us finally see a bear up close and personal at Cades Cove as it got a little rest and water

I am sure I am forgetting other blessings as this weekend played out and I apologize if I am. I mostly wanted to take a moment and thank God and those who were willing to be used by Him that made this past weekend so special for us…. Still praying for Church of the Cove…….

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