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I like Dave Ramsey.  I think once you get a jist of his message then it starts to get repetitive. I also think this is needed when it comes to money managment.

I have seen Mr. Ramsey speak a few times and read his book “Total Money Managment”. Now he has a new book (almost gift book sized) called “The Money Answer Book”. I like it too.

This book is in somewhat of a question/ answer format. While I don’t always like this format, I love that the questions are tough and everyday questions that real people ask with answers that are to the point and honest. If you are struggling with your finances and looking for real answers, this is a great way to get your feet wet.

This is practical advice on finances, debt, stewardship, automobiles, savings, and more. If you can make smart decisions today, you will save yourself years of struggle!

Also, I recommend giving this book as a graduation present or wedding present.

I recieved a free copy of this book from Thomas Nelson for an honest review.

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While at Catalyst, Dave Ramsey shared a thought that I wanted to pass on (no pun intended) ….

A clip was shown of a NFL football player going up for an important and what appeared to be an easy catch. At the last minute, he turned his head to look at the approaching defensive player, dropped the ball, and then took a bone crunching hit. When he was asked later why he dropped the ball, he said he was thrown when he heard the footsteps of his opponent.


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“Houston, We Have a Problem….”

Due to circumstances out of our control, there are some changes to the Dave Ramsey event we announced in our last newsletter. Please see below for details…..


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