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If you are wanting closer to God, eternal life in heaven, or a more powerful life over all… this one if for you.

If you feel Christians think they are right and everyone else is wrong … this one is for you.

If you feel overwhelmed, alone, and unloved… this one is for you.

Some of Jesus’ last words before He takes the cross are very telling of why He came from Heaven to Earth and why He sacrificed Himself. In one small conversation, He shares three important truths of the results of the Easter celebration and we explore them together and what they mean for you today.

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Palm Sunday message from Associate Pastor Brent Longstreth…

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We had an awesome Easter morning! If you couldn’t make it, here’s the teaching portion from that day!

This week’s study focuses on being authentic living as individuals and a church family. The world has seen enough fake in the realm of Christianity and Christ has a better way! The message of the Cross and the power of the Resurrection leads to an authentic life that is better than what some of us have experienced or have been shown.



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Interesting Holy Week Plan

I got this this morning from a friend and thought it was interesting enough to share….

Sunday:  Welcome God into your home.

Monday:  clean your house (cleanse your house of anything unpleasing to God).

Tuesday:  Ephe 1:15  Honoring the Lord’s authority by declaring His lordship and submitting your life to Him.

Wednesday:  Honor Him through His word by gathering with friends and family for a Bible Study.

Thursday:  Intercede for others; as Jesus was at the Garden praying we are to pray for others.

Friday:  Sacrifice to help someone else in some way.

Saturday:  Meditate on what God has done and prepare for Sunday.

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