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A post from my wife, Jenni Hypes…….

Mother’s Day… Wishing everyone a happy day tomorrow but in the midst of enjoying your day with family, please also tuck in the back of your mind that this holiday is a very tough one for a lot of your friends and maybe even your family members.

Think about your single friends that are still looking for prince charming. I didn’t get married until I was 28 and every church service where the moms were recognized reminded me that I still hadn’t found Mr. Right yet and wasn’t any closer to starting a family of my own.

Consider those around you that have had miscarriages and/or lost a child. This holiday is one more reminder of what could have been.

What about the families that are not able to have children and are mourning that loss? Please give them an extra hug.

Also, on a personal note, I ask that you consider your friends and family members that are on the adoption path. The stress of a “paper pregnancy” and always wondering when you’ll get that call is a lot to bear. Mother’s Day was one of those holidays during that time in my life that I would rather have stayed home “sick”. I knew my time would come, but it hadn’t yet… and my heart ached because of the unknown.

And on a final note, please love on those whose moms have either passed away or have maybe never even been a part of their lives. A child (no matter how old they may be) without a mother close by needs your love as well.

So with all that being said… enjoy your day tomorrow and please be sensitive to those around you. Be a blessing and be blessed!

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