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I have to admit up front that I like Max Lucado but I’m not an avid reader of his works. There’s something in his writing style that loses me. While I enjoy listening to him live the few times I have seen him, his story telling style does not hold me in written form.

That said, this book is different. More practical in its application, Max Lucado spends time answering issues that people have asked him about over the years and that you and I have had as well. It was interesting that I just finished a review for another book that tried to answer questions as if God was answering. I was a little uncomfortable with it. This format is more my style.


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You can’t judge a book by its cover but when it comes to Max Lucado, you can tell a book by its title.

I respect Max Lucado’s ministry but must admit up front that I have not been a big fan of his books personally. It’s not the content, the content is tight…. It’s the style. I feel like I am reading a sermon series and that’s not the style of writing that clicks for me. Generally there is a neat, powerful center thought and the rest of the book tends to be supporting thoughts to drive the point.

This book fits that bill. The concept? You can (and we are called to) “out live you life” with the effect of your actions. That we are called to love and let God use us as we spend our life into others. The concepts, thoughts, and writings are well done on a very important topic that many people are not tapping into enough today.

Maybe the best way to sum up the need for this book is on the first few pages. Max Lucado notes that he was once asked three questions within the same month. If he was a Christian in Germany during the WW2, would he have made a stand against Hitler? If he was a Christian in the south during the Civil War, would he have made a stand against slavery? When your grand children realize you were alive when there were 1.75 billion people were poor and 1 billion were hungary, how will you justify your actions of today?

If you love Max Lucado book, you will love this book. If you’re not into his writing style, it might not be a smooth read. Either way, the topic at hand is too important not to take the time to read it and let the Holy Spirit challenge you in your life.

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