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Welcome to all those who are stopping by because they are checking out the “big” announcement from church yesterday. There’s a decent amount of info involved so I decided to go blog style so here it is….

When we started The Shepherd’s Fellowship, I felt led not to be part of a denomination. There were many benefits to this but also some downfalls including a lack of financial and resource support. However, the toughest part for me was not having the relational support. Not having other pastors and churches around our ministry to work together, have accountability, and to encourage one another. I looked at church networks and pastor coaching possibilities and could not find anything that seemed to be a match to the relational ministry we felt called to. I also looked for years for sister churches and pastors that I felt a close connection to. While I found many that I love and cherish, I found only one church and only a couple of pastors that I felt a partnership with even close to what I was looking for.


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