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Well, I got to watch the third episode of “The Bible” mini-series so here’s comes the babbling….

Instead of listing the errors first (which I’m not real big on running around pointing out the errors but it is important to know what is fact and fiction… plus several have said they appreciate knowing), I am going to start with the general statement.

For those who don’t know much about the Bible, I’m glad your watching but please know….

– They are missing a TON of great stuff from the stories you are watching
– What you are seeing on your TV is also showing a lot of errors (which is why the second half of the blog will go through that)
– I’m praying it gets your interest to get into these testimonies for yourself or with a church to get the full picture and why the full picture is important and passonite (You’re always invited to The Shepherd’s Fellowship by the way =)

If you use the series as a somewhat careless cliff note version of the Bible and then it drives you to the deeper readings, that’s awesome. On their own, they are a little lacking.

Many of the most wonderful parts being left out explore the weakness of the heroes of the faith which makes them more relatable to us and glorifies how God can work through us in mighty ways! The missing parts also show us how active God is trying to redeem people back to Him and how much He loves you. I really pray you go deeper.

OK, that said… let me say three other things before the “listing of errors”…

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Welcome to my babblings on week two of the Bible mini series. I’m a little tardy due to a busy schedule but got to watch this installment in sections and finished it up tonight.

Once again, there is a list of things that don’t match up to the Scripture….

– Samson’s story was pretty hacked up

– He did not tell her his secret of his strength on the first time she asked

– The conversation between Samuel and God on the king issue was for Hollywood and not the full revelation of God’s conversation

– Saul taking the kingship was no where near as diplomatic and courageous as they made it look (more on this later)

– How David was picked was badly represented (more on this later)

– There is no reason to believe David recited Psalm 23 as he faced Goliath though it was interesting from a artist license stand point and is possible

– Conversation between David and Saul did not happen in the cave but from a distance (did you notice David wouldn’t take Saul’s hand? Of course not, Saul didn’t wash his hands after going potty! Lame joke but made me giggle)

– Lousy job of showing the brother hood of Jonathon and David

– David did not dance with Bathsheba when bringing the ark into town

That said, the simple fact is this, “The Bible” is trimmed down to fit a TV schedule like a kid’s Bible story book is trimmed down for kids. My suggestion is this, if you see a story that looks interesting in the movie….look it up in the Bible and get the whole story (If you can’t find it, ask and I’ll help you find it). The series is interesting but lacking. Treat it like a cliff notes version of the Bible. The full story is in the Book and the full story opens up many truths missed in the TV version.


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I have been vocal about my uncertainty of how well “The Bible” mini-series would do in comparison to the Bible itself. Often times, programs on the Bible on the Discovery channel or History channel have fallen far short of what is written in the Word. I had a little more hope in this series due to seeing the creators interviewed and scenes from it previewed at Catalyst leadership conference last year but still carried a leery hope.

If nothing else, as I shared with my church family yesterday, there was quite a bit of buzz around the series.  With this in mind, even if the series was not Biblically correct, it was still a chance to talk to the people in our lives about what is true and not. We are the church called to take the message into the world and not the role of a mini-series to do it. It is just a tool as God moves through us to reach the world.

That said, I have been getting several people asking me what I thought of the first episode last night.  Well, I didn’t watch it due to enjoying some family time. Don’t be upset though, I got caught us this morning. I love my DVR.

I decided the easiest route is the blog a little after each episode my thoughts for whatever they may be worth. I will try to be straight to the point as to not bore you too much.

First, there were some bumps when it comes to accuracy and we Christians like to call those out for whatever reason. Here’s some quick ones….

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